Happy New Year 2018!!

Happy New Year Friends!!

I planned to attend 2 weddings and 2 get together’s during the Christmas vacation and ended up attending 2 weddings, 2 get togethers’ and 3 funerals! Yes … a real emotional roller coaster!! All the 3 deaths were totally unexpected and seemingly ‘healthy’ people suddenly passed away…

Throwing soil to the coffin and attending a glittering marriage function is like traveling from the north pole to the south pole, feeling 2 extremes of emotions – happiness and sadness all in one day was something else!

I had some great learning experiences in a span of 10 days. Weddings and Get together’s were full of laughter and fun with college buddies and families coming together and huge gatherings at the funerals was testimony that the lives were well lived.

This vacation made me think …

  • Time is limited – make the best use of it … it’s a finite commodity and not infinite as many of us think.
  • At the dawn of a another new year 2018, we gear up to set up New Year goals and resolutions, ask yourself:
  • Are your goals time bound?
  • Is there a sense of urgency and commitment to achieve the goals?
  • Is health given importance in goal setting?
  • Are you living or merely existing?
  • What are you giving back to the people around you, community, organization?
  • Is Being Human a goal to achieve?
  • Are you in a comfort zone or learning zone?

I hope that 2018 the Best Year yet for you … start by creating an impact in the lives of people around you – family, community and organisation.

Fly high … reach for the stars!

Have a fabulous 2018! 🙂


Boat Travel

“Appa – will the boat sink? … asked my excited daughter as the speed boat traveled through the blue ocean to the destination of Phi-Phi Island as she was busy adjusting the snorkelling gear and trying to practice breathing through the pipe. She was determined to see the Nemo’s in the ocean and the corals at close range.

I said “we have the life jackets and we will float”, as I looked at the silver trail created by the boat on the ocean behind us.

Her Question made me think … what makes the Human boat sink?

I started thinking about when Ian Faria corporate Trainer,  founder of TALK TEMPLE, quoted – Goi Nasu’s quote  “An entire sea of water can’t sink a ship unless it gets inside the ship. Similarly, the negativity of the world can’t put you down unless you allow it to get inside you.”

As human beings our own negativity kills the best of people and situations. Be it highly successful people, established or celebrities or students, one thing that change our outcome is thinking Positively in all situations. When you learn to control your thoughts … keep it positive, you will be safe and everything will work out.

It’s the positivity and positive attitude of a person, which sails through the rough sea in the voyage and reaches the successful destination.

 Dr Joseph Murphy the author of the book “Power of your subconscious mind” says –

“ You are the captain of your soul. And the master of your fate!Remember, you have the capacity to choose. Choose Positivity … Choose Love … Choose Health … Choose HappinessChoose to Cherish and Juice every Precious moment of LIFE!! “

The seasickness due to the travel was bothering me until it reached the beautiful destination of Phi-Phi Island. All the tiredness and sickness of the travel was gone … the moment my eyes settled in on the destination … white sands, stunningly beautiful beaches and crystal blue clear waters.

What more can one ask for? The beautiful island … a little seasickness and rough water could not diminish the thrill of being on a speed boat, a new experience to cherish forever with my family & friends!

Many times a journey can be challenging, can be rough, can deter you from the path … however stay on the path …the rewards or the destination at the end is priceless…

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Living in style…

Vegetable sandwich

“Papa what dish are you making?”
Asked my super excited daughter?

She had been asking this everyday after her school announced that there is a “Dad and me” competition for “cooking without fire”. Dads along with thier kid should be making a dish at school without using fire at the classroom.

I was thinking how to make a difference for her in that day

..I tried my best to learn a new dish …. So I searched YouTube and Google and byhearted the recipe for vegetable sandwich…

Finallythe D-day arrived. I was at school carrying ingredients for making sandwich. By the time I reached, there were many dads waiting patiently at the school premises…

I could sense the commitment from everyone’s face. Many of them looked soldiers ready for a war. Carrying big bags and baskets, water bottle, oil, juicers and stuff… Some of the equipments looked like Cannons..

We settled down in the classroom and started making the sandwich…..

After few minutes, just glanced around and saw the beautiful dishes being churned out the by the dads…Many could better a professional chef…

There was one girl child whose father did not turn up. I asked teacher if she join us in the sandwich making….

I helped my daughter prepared one sandwich and her friend proudly made the second one…

My daughter was happy to see her friend joining the fun..At the end we had two yummy sandwiches….

All the dads did fantastic job..Looking at other super dishes prepared by the dads, I was sure we were no where near competition.. Judges were looking at the food prepared and sometimes tasting, I had a great learning that presentation plays a very important role… Be it self or for teams…

While leaving, teacher thanked me for including my daughter’s friend in the activity.

We have not won the competition, but I am sure my little daughter learnt bigger life skill of sharing, caring and giving a hand to a fellow mate in her own circumstances…..

That made me immensely happy while walking out of the school to the parking area and welcoming a beautiful day!